Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kasey McMahon -The Birdcage Dress & Other Things

From the artist herself:
"I am a conceptual artist and I see the world in color.

Influenced by technology, haute couture, hardware stores and the monsters living underneath my bed, curiosity drives much of my work. I believe imagination is a superpower we all possess, and encourage stepping out of grown up life for a moment to recall a child's eager fascination with even the most mundane. Flying machines, shiny things, antique maps and world's fairs delight me and I possess a rather unhealthy addiction to Eggs Benedict.

I am currently interested in exploring our diminishing relationship with nature as we become more reliant on technology. The projects I have brewing now deal with translating the idealized concept of cyberspace into physical, tangible form. I received a BA in Art History from UCLA, and live, work and scheme in downtown Los Angeles.

The dress will be on display at the Brewery Artwalk April 18 & 19 in downtown Los Angeles."

For more work by Kasey McMahon - visit her site:


  1. WOW, this is awesome.That birdcage dress is my favorite,sort of a modern take on the farthingale.

  2. What imagination and talent! I'm awed by the red and orange petal (for lack of a better word) dress! Amazing colors and shapes.

  3. Great post....always luv seeing inside the brains of other artists.

  4. I like the costume so traditional.