Sunday, March 15, 2009

The World of Claire Prebble


If you are not familiar with Claire Prebble .... you should be. She is an 18 year old that has been creating Wearable Art entries for the ten years!! Her work is breath-taking and awe inspiring... a must see for any that find the world of Wearable Art inspiring.



  1. love this! discussion there a line between wearable art and costume or do they merge wearable art as costume and vice versa?

    1. I think that costume has a character behind it whereas, wearable art is simply for the visual effect.. im doing textiles as a course at GCSE and am looking into these ideas!

  2. Oh there are no words to describe how exquisite those pieces are.

  3. I love the art in this post, It is one of the things that every one like to see!!Thanks for your interesting blog. Keep up the great work! 22dd
    I have been there as well. It was great!!