Friday, March 13, 2009


(snatched from the Wearable Art Market Blog - original blog post made by thebeadedlily and the Lavender Cottage )

This is kind of a behind the scenes tour of some of the sites that get the artists at the Wearable Arts Market (at 1000 Markets) excited!

Seeing what makes us tick and tingle may give you a better idea of what the Wearable Arts Market is all about!

The first picture is an illuminated glass collar by Marc Mann.

The second picture is an amazing sculptural ring by Anoush Waddington

The third is a Majo Fruithof ring, with characteristic fantastic staging.

The blog Moods and Appetites is a fairly frequent subject of conversation because Katrina has featured several of the artists of the Wearable Arts Market in her artisitic spreads.

Awesome wearble art footwear by Marloes ten Bhömer

African wearable art.

Katheel Dustin has some incredible wearable art!! This bracelet is one of many fabulous works on her site.

Share with us your favorite wearable art artists! Give us something to talk about!


  1. I would be great if I could see the images haha thanks

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